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Modern Concrete Pumping, Inc., currently has a fleet of 18 pumps. Our newest pump is a 20 Meter (z) boom that doesn’t have the usual yellow and red company colors. It was painted pink for Breast Cancer awareness.

For every yard of concrete this truck pumps, a percentage will be donated. Marcus King, Owner, of Modern Concrete Pumping, Inc., explains, “We wanted to show our support for our good friend Carol Corriveau, who is currently fighting Breast Cancer. So we put her name on the pump.

We felt that if we could get the word out by using our pumps it will increase awareness and hopefully provoke people to donate. This new machine is a popular size truck that many customers will request. We are hoping it will be used every day to increase the amount of money we will be donating. We also printed new company shirts. Not the usual safety green, or orange you will see on most construction sites, but pink.

Carol Corriveau is a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Newington School system and loved by many. Her husband, Dean was in the concrete pumping industry, and now is a Newington, CT Police officer. Both hold careers serving the community.

They are a great family and have a lot of support and many people behind them. Carol explains, “I believe this pump will generate awareness for people to not only donate to a great cause but to remind women to make a mammogram appointment for themselves. Whether it’s visible on the road, or on a job site, I’m confident this will increase awareness.”

Our new 20Meter Z boom has vertical reach of 66′ and an unfolding height of only 12’, 8” making it ideal for setting up:

 -inside buildings,
 -interior walls,
 -under bridges,
 -keeper blocks, and
 -under trees.

The following is an interview by Channel 30 news:

Carol Corriveau
Carol Corriveau, Speech-Language Pathologist in the Newington School system

Marcus King, owner of Modern Concrete Pumping, Carol Corriveau, and Carol's husband, Dean Corriveau
Marcus King, owner of Modern Concrete Pumping, Carol Corriveau, and Carol’s husband, Dean Corriveau and the Pink truck.
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